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Hospice of the Northwest provides a life-affirming climate for individuals and their families, helping them with the medical, social, emotional and spiritual concerns that often arise during a life-limiting illness. Hospice can help improve quality of life for any age, whether in your home or your family’s, an adult family home, assisted living facility, nursing home, or even a hospital. With caring, personalized service, the hospice client can live every day of their remaining life to its fullest, in comfort and dignity.

The Hospice of the Northwest Services Care Team is dedicated to achieving the highest quality of life through the alleviation of pain and symptoms, at all times allowing the person to maintain control and dignity in the final months of life. Anyone can request an information session with a Hospice Care Team member, the person with the life-limiting condition, family, friends, loved ones, counselors, clergy. If you would like to meet with a Hospice Team Member, call 1-800-894-5877 or emailhospice_info@hospicenw.org.

"It has eased my heart to know that all that could be done for Mom was done... to keep her comfortable, to help her transition peacefully, with dignity."
Daughter of a Hospice of the Northwest patient

Hospice of the Northwest
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